The Law Office of Karam Nahas is a general practice firm that provides innovative, aggressive and professional litigation and transactional services in a diverse array of legal areas with emphasis on criminal defense, real estate, business, civil litigation, municipal, bankruptcy, family - juvenile, immigration, contracts, agreements and personal injury. Our practice is dynamic and we strive to provide clients with personal and distinctive legal services and real-life solutions. Clients benefit from our broad experience as they often find their legal issues involve related areas of law and various legal disciplines. We are selective in the cases we handle to ensure that each client receives the highest quality service without compromising the time, attention and care their case deserves.

At the Firm, your case will be managed and handled directly by Karam Nahas Esq. not another attorney, partner or associate. We cater to our clients and develop long-term relationships with the goal to become their trusted advisor and personal attorney.

Each case is different and we can never guarantee the outcome of your legal matter.

Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. This may include a dismissal, a not guilty, a verdict in your favor, a successful transaction or business deal, a settlement, a contract or agreement that protects your legal interest, or a resolution that helps to mitigate or minimize your legal liability and exposure.

Whatever we do, we do it with passion.

Every client matters to us. Whether we are defending a client in criminal court or representing a debtor in a bankruptcy filing, we stand by our clients unwavering and represent them with passion.

We have developed legal documents for small business, entrepreneurs and individuals to legally protect them.

We are mindful that unlike large corporations, small business and entrepreneurs often lack financial capital and resources to create legal systems, agreements/contracts or have the luxury of in-house legal resources. In recognition, we have developed legal systems and agreements that are key to protect and enforce the legal interest of a business or individual. For example, we can provide a business or entrepreneur with specific contracts, compliance documents, proposals, disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions and other related contracts and instruments specific to their industry. We can also be retained limited in scope to provide “in-house” legal services.

Most of our business is referral based which is the highest form of complimenting what we do.

We always appreciate your referral as a sign of your satisfaction with our services. You may engage the Firm to represent you for your legal matter and you may also engage Karam Nahas in a limited capacity for speaking engagements, legal commentary or opinion for press, media and other channels.

Thank you and feel free to call us anytime. We would like to hear from you.