Karam founded the Firm to provide clients with personal and aggressive first-class legal representation in a wide array of diverse practice areas. Karam prides himself on being accessible to clients and working directly on their legal matter to understand their case but more importantly to understand the client’s needs and goals in order to effectively represent their best interest.

Karam graduated Seton Hall Law School with the highest scholastic average of his graduating class in Constitutional Law. A champion of the Constitution, Karam may handle any case where he believes his client has been wronged. The principles of justice, integrity and advocacy have always guided Karam in providing an aggressive legal defense or offense when needed. For example, Karam obtained a six-figure settlement in a Federal Section 1983 Civil Rights suit against the largest city and police force in New Jersey. After successfully defending his clients in criminal court, Karam obtained a dismissal of their charges and thereafter filed a civil rights action in Federal Court alleging excessive police brutality and misconduct, an internal affairs cover-up, and systematic departmental misconduct in violation of his clients’ civil rights. Karam’s aggressive representation led to New Jersey’s largest city settling his clients’ case prior to trial compensating his clients for the injuries they suffered. This is one example of a case Karam has handled. Set forth below are other examples of legal matters that Karam and the Firm handles -

Criminal Practice

Karam is experienced in defending adults and juveniles in criminal matters. Karam has represented clients charged with minor drug offenses to first-degree crimes such as homicides, carjacking and drug manufacturing / distribution cases. Karam has handled cases involving wiretapping/surveillance, assaults, terroristic threats, burglaries, robberies, sexual assaults, drug distribution and possession, possession of a weapon, eluding, resisting arrests, obstruction of justice, and numerous other indictable offenses. Karam has also represented clients for non-indictable offenses as well as disorderly persons and misdemeanors such as harassments, simple assaults and general improper conduct.

Civil Practice

With respect to civil practice, Karam represents plaintiffs and defendants who are suing for money damages or equitable relief. Karam has handled civil litigation matters involving commercial transactions, business disputes, fraud, contract disputes, partnership disputes and other causes of action that may arise under Federal law, New Jersey law and in certain cases under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, a statute that provides the successful plaintiff with treble damages, attorney fees, and costs of suit.

Municipal Court Practice

With respect to municipal court practice, Karam has represented clients in numerous municipal courts and municipalities all over New Jersey and in most counties in central and northern New Jersey. Karam has defended clients for major and minor motor vehicle offenses such as traffic tickets, speeding, driving while suspended, eluding, DWI’s (and DUI’s), refusals, underage drinking, careless and reckless driving and others. Karam has also represented clients charged with crimes or town ordinance violations for such offenses as simple assaults, harassment, resisting, threats, obstruction, petty theft, leaving the scene, drug and weapon possessions and others. Upon resolving their case and when eligible, Karam has represented clients in successfully expunging their criminal records resulting in the legal effect of his clients having no record of crime or arrest.

Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Transactional Practice

Karam’s transactional practice includes but is not limited to representing clients in real estate and business closings and transactions, bankruptcies, and drafting agreements and contracts for small business, entrepreneurs, and individuals that are limited in scope and intended to protect their legal interests. Karam has reviewed, drafted and negotiated agreements and legal instruments such as Wills, Power of Attorneys, Buy / Sell Agreements, Releases, Settlement and Compromise Agreements, Operating / Partnership Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Broker Agreements, Fee Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, and various Memorandum of Understandings and Letters of Interests pertaining to commercial transactions and business deals. Karam has also drafted contracts and agreements for the music, entertainment and renewable energy industry, including Power Purchase Agreements and related contracts.

Family and Juvenile Practice

With respect to family and juvenile law practice, Karam has represented juveniles charged with serious and minor crimes as mentioned above. Karam has also represented defendants charged with domestic violence, contempt, harassment, and violations of temporary and final restraining orders in connection with the Domestic Violence Statute of New Jersey. With respect to family practice, Karam has represented plaintiffs and defendants in divorces, child custody / support hearings, and other related family hearings and disputes. Karam has handled several grandparent visitation cases where he was successful in defense of his client’s fundamental right under the U.S Constitution to deny grandparent visitation and custody in certain cases as his client the biological parent deems fit.


Karam has handled various immigrant and non-immigrant petitions and applications as well as represented respondents in removal proceedings, motions and other requests for relief.

Prior to the Law Office

Prior to founding the Law Office, Karam worked alongside colleague Michael Maccia Esq. in defense of correction officers who were charged with disciplinary misconduct by the Department of Corrections at the departmental level and in trials on appeal before the Office of Administrative Law.

Prior to practicing, Karam served as Law Clerk for the Honorable Judge James C. Heimlich, a New Jersey Superior Court Judge that presided over Drug Court and Criminal Part in Union County, New Jersey. Karam holds a J.D. from Seton Hall Law School where he was recognized and honored with the Raymond Del Tufo award for having the highest scholastic average in his graduating class in Constitutional Law. Karam received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right... Lincoln