Criminal Defense

Representing juvenile and adults in state, municipal and federal courts for the following types of cases: First degree crimes such as homicides, sexual assaults, carjacking, kingpin charges and other related crimes; Second degrees offenses including but not limited to conspiracies, auto assaults, burglary, kidnapping, manslaughter, distribution of CD, eluding and other related offense; Third-degree and fourth-degree offenses and disorderly persons including but not limited to assaults, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, endangering the welfare of a child, terroristic threats, stalking ; Drug Offenses including but not limited kingpin, leader of drug network, manufacture distribution, possession, employing minor in a drug scheme, imitation CDS; Wiretapping/Surveillance Cases; Sex Crimes; Racketeering and Organized Crime; Possession of Firearms/Weapons; Theft, Shoplifting, Receiving Stolen Property, Forgery ; White Collar Crimes, Insurance Fraud, Financial Crimes; Official Misconduct, Bribery; Motion Practice including but not limited to– Bail Motions, Motions to Suppress, Motions to Sever, Post-Conviction Relief, Miranda Motion, Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence; Possession Cases (Marijuana and other related CDS) – over and under 50 grams; Indictable and Non-Indictable Offenses; PTI and Drug Court applications; Jail Consultations; Juvenile Crimes; Self – Defense and Battered Women; Domestic Violence; Expungements; Discovery Review and Case Analysis.

Real Estate and Business Law

Representing clients in litigation and transactions relating to real estate and business; some examples of our representation relating to real estate matters include: Residential Closings (Buyer and Seller); Tax Appeals; Lease Disputes and Constructive Evictions; Landlord / Tenant (Commercial and Residential). For closings, the Law Office prides itself on its turn-around time during attorney review and being accessible, reliable, and responsive to our clients and real estate professionals. As part of our closings and as a value-add for our clients, we offer to prepare our client’s will, power of attorney, living will and any other applicable legal instrument for the client at a discounted fee as part of our closing package.

Municipal Court

We have represented clients charged with motor vehicle violations, ordinances, complaints and crimes in most municipals courts in central and northern New Jersey in cases including but not limited to the following: DWI’s, DUI’s, and refusals; Traffic Tickets; Speeding Tickets; Driving while suspended; Driving with no insurance; Careless / Reckless / and Unsafe Operation and Driving; Harassment / Terroristic Threats; Thefts; Disorderly Person Offenses; Violation of Town Ordinances; Possession of CDS and other contraband; Conditional Discharges; Domestic Violence; Simple Assaults ; Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Hit and Run; Underage Drinking ; Obstruction of Justice; Forged Checks; Motions to Dismiss / Suppress and Appeals; and Ordinance violations.

Civil Practice / Fraud / Personal Injury

We are not simply a plaintiff’s firm or a defense firm - we are both so we understand both sides of the issue. We may handle civil matters that involve but are not limited to the following: Personal Injury / Accidents / Wrongful Deaths / Slip and Falls / Negligence; Contract and Partnership Disputes; Business and Shareholders Disputes; Intentional Torts – Assaults; Cases involving Fraud and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act; Commercial Transactions; Claims against Public Entities; Insurance Claims; Special Civil Matters; and other Civil and Equitable Matters.

Consumer Bankruptcy and Related Matters

Family / Juvenile

Family law cases are highly emotional and involve legal issues that require competent counsel. At the Law Office, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in family matters such as: Divorce and Custody Matters; Domestic Violence; Child Support; Visitation Hearings; Grandparent Visitation Cases; Prenuptial Agreements; Adoptive Agreements; Same – Sex Marriage Agreements; Juvenile Matters – including criminal charges, waivers and other issues.

Federal / Civil Rights

At the Law Office, we may represent clients in both Federal civil matters and Federal criminal matters before the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. With respect to Civil Rights, the Law Office is selective in the cases we handle. Please call us directly if you believe you have a Section 1983 claim or any other civil rights claim or federal cause of action. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, we can advise you of your possible legal remedies, avenues of relief, and if it is a case that our firm would handle.


Petitions, Cancellations, Removal Proceedings and other requests for relief

Contracts / Agreements for Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Individuals

For small business / entrepreneurs - We can help legally protect your business by providing you with “in-house” legal services such as company formation, reviewing, drafting and filing documents, agreements for use in the business; Loan application review, opinion letters and closings; Review of legal documents and analysis, Buy and Sale Agreements; Operating / Partnership Agreements; Confidentiality Agreements; Non-Compete Agreements; Independent Contractor – “Work for Hire” Agreements; Settlement and Compromise Agreements; Releases and Indemnification Agreements; Client Proposal Terms and Conditions; Website Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and Disclaimers, as well as provide you with other legal documents that you need specific to your business.

For individuals – We can help legally protect you by providing the following: Review discovery in municipal case matters and provide analysis of legal issues, defenses and lesser-included offenses; Review discovery in criminal matters and advise on legal issues and strategies for client without acting as defense counsel; Review legal notices and respond on pre-litigation matters; Draft Agreements, Instruments, and legal letters such as Creditor Letters; Simple Wills; Power of Attorney Agreements; Living Wills; Expungements; Rental / Lease Agreements; Prenuptial Agreements; Settlement and Compromise Agreements; and Releases


We may represent individuals and businesses before the Office of Administrative Law in New Jersey as well as in matters before regulatory or administrative entities such as Law Enforcement Disciplinary Hearings; DMV matters and hearings; Section 8 Hearings; State Parole Board Hearings; Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control; Department of Banking and Insurance; New Jersey Committee on Character – Character Hearings and Disciplines and other matters before the Office of Administrative Law

Please be mindful that this site provides examples of the areas we practice and cases we handle. If you do not see your case, please give us a call to see if it’s a matter we handle. If not, we may be better able to guide you with your legal inquiry.